The 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The world

10. The British Shorthair

We start our top ten with this beautiful British Shorthair. These cats are very popular with people and especially at cat shows. The British Shorthair is very stable in character and not at all aggressive. The price for a cat like this starts from 350 euros and can run up to 1000 euros, depending on the construction and characteristics of a particular cat.

british imge short


9. The Scottish folding eared cat

Thanks to their very good physical characteristics and their reputation as being very loving these cats are very popular. The price tag is therefore also depending on. For a kitten of this breed, you can pay up to 2100 euros, which is a lot of money. Usually, we find these cats cheaper, but that depends on how close they are to the perfection of this particular breed.

scoting cat

8. The sphynx nude cat

Not exactly one of my preferences, but I respect people’s opinion. This breed is mainly recognizable by their nakedness. Although many people like to see this, it does require some extra work. The fact is that in this breed the skin has to be treated a lot because it quickly dries out and shows signs of burning in the bright sun. The price can be up to 2200 euros.


7. The blue Russian

Looks very like the British Shorthair , is the blue Russian. The only difference is that they are usually a bit more skinny than the British shorthairs and that the hair has a different structure. This breed is known as being very playful, curious and intelligent. What makes this breed very popular is that they get along very well with other pets and children. The price for a kitten is up to 2200 euros, just like the sphynx nude cat.

blue rassian vat


6. The Peterbald

In the middle of the list, we find this Peterbald cat. The cat originated from an experiment with an Oriental Shorthair and a don sphynx. This curiously intelligent and energetic race has a very strikingly muscular and unique elegant construction. The price for a cat like this is up to 3500 euros.


5. The Persian cat

We find the Press at five. The breed can be recognized by their very long hair and thick coat. Although it is said that this breed is known to be more aggressive than the other breeds, I am certain that this does not apply to all of them. The price for a Persian cat? For a rough 3700 euro you really have a pearl of this breed.

cat persian


4. The Allerca hypoallergenic cat

Although this is not a real breed, I have just mentioned it. This kind of cat is a cat where scientists have taken care to take away the genes that make people allergic to cats. For a cat that meets these characteristics, you pay 4000 euros.

Allerca hypoallergenic cat

3. The Bengal cat

A very nice and pleasant breed. This breed is a cross between an ordinary domestic cat and an Asian leopard cat. This can be seen in the drawings that this variable contains. To have a good version of this breed, there must be at least four generations after the first crossing of the Asian leopard cat and the domestic cat. This way you get a very quiet Bengal. Because of the difficult to obtain ideality of this breed, a cat like this can cost up to 20000 euros.

bangal cat

2. The Savannah Cat

Like the Bengal, this cat is also across. The unique thing about this breed is that they can be as loyal as a dog can be for their owner. The Savannah cat is also very intelligent. The price is 40000 euros .

The Savannah is a cat breed that is not allowed as a pet in both Belgium and the Netherlands.

savanah cat

1. The Ashera Cat

This breed is by far the most expensive of all cat breeds. It is a cross between a house cat, an African serval and a Bengal tiger cat, but in Europe and America, this cat is not recognized as a cat breed by umbrella organizations. The ashera is very unique and difficult to grow. The price for a cat like this is 70,000 euros.

The ashera is a cat breed that, like the savannah, is not allowed as a pet in both Belgium and the Netherlands

ashera cat