American Bulldog: All About This Dog Breed

Although the breed is not yet recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), the American Bulldog is a mastiff who wins to be recognized. We tell you more about his character, his way of life, his education and his health.  

The American Bulldog and others

Is he sociable, does he like the company of other dogs?

The American Bulldog is a dog that gets along well with other people if he has been socialized from an early age. Relations between two dogs of the same sex, on the other hand, are often complicated.

Is cohabitation with cats possible?

The American bulldog having a hunter’s instinct, cohabitation with cats can be complicated, but not impossible.

Will you advise a family with children to adopt an American Bulldog?

Yes, the American Bulldog loves children and makes a great playmate. However, as with all animals, do not leave a child and a dog alone without supervision.

His character, his way of life

A sporty dog

The American Bulldog is a sporty and energetic dog that needs to be physically active every day.

A rather affectionate or wild dog

The American Bulldog is a loving dog, sometimes glue-pot, but is generally suspicious of strangers.

A good guard dog

It is an excellent watchdog.

Can he live in an apartment?

He can adapt to an apartment life provided he is very often out, and have the opportunity to romp freely.

Is it adapted to city life

It can adapt to a city life but will be much more fulfilled in the countryside.

Does he support loneliness

Being very close to his masters, the American Bulldog does not support loneliness.

His greatest qualities

Sporty and dynamic, it also has a side “clown” that can only attract lovers of molasses! He is a player, expressive, and loyal.

His downsides

He is quite stubborn and can be difficult to educate people who do not know dogs. His relationship to other dogs can be complicated if he has not been socialized early enough.

His physique, his health

Its physical characteristics

There are several types of American Bulldogs. There are 3 main ones:

  • The Bully: more massive and powerful, it is shorter than that of its cousins and has the advanced lower jaw, which makes it prognathous.
  • The Standard: the snout a little longer, it also remains prognathous and massive. Especially a farm dog, he was crossed with Pitbull, which makes him a predator and therefore a pretty talented hunting companion.
  • The Hybrid: the most common today is a cross of several types.

The American Bulldog measures between 55 and 67 cm at the withers and weighs between 36 and 55 kilos. His hair is short and hard. Her dress may be white, brindle, fawn, or white with gray spots.

Specific health problems

The American Bulldog has predispositions to certain diseases: hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and hernias.

A special diet? A tendency to overweight

As with all dogs, their weight is to be watched. Wolverines, they can easily become obese if they do not practice enough physical activity.

His education

An education council

The American Bulldog needs a firm, fair and consistent education without violence. This is not necessarily the easiest dog to educate; it is not recommended as the first dog. It will be necessary to socialize it very early and to teach him the rules of a harmonious cohabitation in the family. A conscientious breeder will be able to give you the necessary advice and will follow you if necessary in the education of your puppy.