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How Do You Choose The Right Pet Sitter?

Throughout history, humans and animals have learned to rely upon each other for practically everything. While this is true in principle, the fact is that in terms of whom this alliance has really benefited the most, ourselves or our furry friends, the balance has always very strongly leaned in our favor. Indeed, it is fair to say that the development of human society as we know it today would have been fundamentally different, had it not been for the predominant role animals had in shaping it.

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We use animals to carry merchandise across nations, plow fields, produce mils, fur, food and so many of what we deem necessary without a second thought as to what it really means to all of us.

But we also rely on the unique friendship of dogs, cats, and other animals can give us. Not only is the friendship important to us and our families, it is also wholly therapeutic. Animals are known to be healers and are even increasingly used by science to help diagnose certain types of ailments. The bond between humans and our pets is so strong, that a study has found that kids will prefer their pets over their siblings and dogs particularly, are special companions for everyone.

Almost 80% of the world’s population own pets or use animals in their day to day life’s. In the United States, a staggering 44% of the nations’ households own pets, the majority of which are physically and emotionally very healthy. Through playing and taking care of them, these pets are known to reduces stress levels and boosts up happy chemical serotonin.

Families with pets are often happy families and their pets are regarded as family members.

While all of us, responsible pet owners do care deeply about our pets, there is one thing we’re not responsible for: we cannot give ourselves more hours in any day to do all of the things we need to do to get all our daily tasks accomplished.

This, of course, includes dog walking, or even pet sitting when the time comes for the family to embark on its annual vacation, during which, for one reason or another, pets cannot be included.

When that happens, whether you need a dog walker or someone to pet sits you, there are certain things that you must know about whom you can trust to look after your beloved pet in your stead.


Always look for someone who lives near you so you can call them when you need them (if they’re available) and is flexible, insured and bonded. Familiarize yourself with the way the pet sitter operates so that you may be in a position to choose the right person. In your selection process, you will want to ensure that they possess the following characteristics.



Studies show that people who exercise and are active in their extracurricular activities are more likely to be a heartier caretaker of pets then those who don’t exercise. If someone is good at running then he will surely be able to look after the pet (just saying).


Someone who is socially friendly will be the best to fulfill your pets’ social requirements. Pets also deserve (and need) to go out for fresh air and walk. It makes them feel invigorated and active. So, go for a walker!


Accept it or not, observing and examining things around you is a clear indication that you are not a shallow person who does not pay attention. Always go for someone who is kind and loves learning without dictation. It would be easy for you to trust someone of this kind.


We humans are so impatient that a slight inconvenience can trigger a reaction that may be difficult to cope with. Look for signs of level headedness and cool personality. Try to find a person that doesn’t let frustration and or anger take over. A person with a level-headed character and a cool disposition would be finest for your pet because our pets do upset us sometimes when they don’t want to eat or leave us alone to complete our important chores or some official work. A calm person will handle it all with composure and your pet will be at ease when you are away.


A skillful person will always serve you better. This does not mean that somebody who is naive will be a blunderer but in the matter of your pet, you can’t rely on an inexperienced person. A professional pet sitter will better meet your expectations.


An individual who is genuinely in love with animals will do wonders for you! You can easily figure out if the people you are considering have this peculiarity or not by the way they talk about animals. Observe how your pet reacts to your potential pet sitter. As a keen pet lover yourself, you will quickly sense whether your pet is comfortable with the person you are considering hiring or not.