Where and how to buy or adopt your dog?

That’s it! You have decided to host a puppy at home. But where to find it and how do you go about it? Here are some keys to help you choose between an individual, an association, breeding or a pet shop.

  1. Adopt your dog at an individual / on a classifieds site

According to a Wamiz survey, 39% of you have favored the adoption or purchase of a pet at an individual or through a classifieds site. Based on the results of this survey, this is the method of acquisition of a most common animal. But is this the best?

Advantages :

You can adopt or buy your pet from someone you know, whom you trust (close, family, friend …).

You can choose an individual who lives close to your home, which saves you significant travel expenses.

So you can discover the environment in which your dog is raised and maybe even meet his parents.

The price is often interesting: some individuals only ask for the reimbursement of veterinary fees (vaccines, identification, possible sterilization) or give their puppies/dogs against good care.


French law imposes a SIREN number on anyone who wants to sell an animal. However, there is a risk of traffic, especially on classified ads sites: some malicious people do indeed import puppies from abroad to resell in France at a high price. These puppies, often separated from their mothers too early and transported from Eastern Europe in questionable conditions, can develop behavioral problems and have fragile health.

Trafficking in puppies leads to scams: at a price that is often too high, a puppy is unknown: his race, adult size, character and state of health can be very different from what the puppy has to offer. we believed.

Some ads are not legal : only those that specify a SIREN number, the age of the animals (it is advised that they are at least 2 to 3 months old), at least the identification number of the mother, the number of animals in the litter and the registration or not in the herd book (LOF).

  1. Adopt a dog via an association or shelter

According to our Wamiz survey, 32% of you have chosen to adopt an animal through an association or shelter. This is the second mode of adoption that you prefer!

Advantages :

Adopting in a shelter is doing a good deed. You save two animals: the one you choose, and the one who will take his place in the shelter or in a host family.

You generally have a wide variety of dogs offered for adoption: dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds.

 The volunteers and employees of the associations know their animals well and will be able to guide you to the dog with which you will be the most compatible.

You make sure you have an animal in good standing: in combination, the dog is vaccinated, identified and usually sterilized.

Adopting a dog under a contract of association is not expensive: the amount you will have to pay (which usually runs around 200 euros) is the reimbursement of veterinary fees (vaccination, identification, sterilization).


It is rarely possible to know the animal’s past. Some dogs have lived in adverse environments, may have been victims of human cruelty and this may have consequences for their behavior. But this is not a generality!

To adopt a dog in an association, you will often be asked to fill out a form to have as much information about you and your lifestyle as possible. If the association determines that you are not fit to adopt a dog, you will have to stick to its decision.

Most of the dogs to be adopted are adults: we will not be able to see his dog in the first months of his life and adapt accordingly. Some canine education classes are generally recommended for the adult dog to get off to a good start. However, there can also be puppies in the association!

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  1. Buy his puppy breed in a breeding

For 25% of you, the purchase of a dog was made at a breeder.

Advantages :

Through breeding, the animal you adopt is necessarily in order to the extent that the breeder has made his passion his profession.

The professional breeder guarantees the origins of his litter and proves that he is “purebred”. Generally, breeding puppies are registered in the LOF. Your dog will even be able to participate in dog beauty shows!

The farmer must normally have made tests screening genetic diseases to ensure that your dog will not suffer from any taint.

You can talk with the breeder and visit him before buying your puppy. The breeder can provide you with advice and follow up.


The purchase of a dog inbreeding has a price: that of the expenses inherent to its range, the race, the inscriptions with the LOF … It generally has to count at least 500 euros for a puppy of breeding. And depending on the breeds and lineages, this sum can go up to 5,000 euros!

Breeders breed animals to guarantee criteria specific to the breeds they breed. It is, therefore, possible that some felines may suffer from genetic defects.

The risk of trafficking is not excluded from the farms: some of them, unscrupulous, can lie about the origins of their animals.

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  1. Buy your dog in a pet shop

You are finally 5% to have bought your dog in a pet shop.

Advantages :

Pet stores are a bit of big-store distribution. Close to you, they avoid you to go far and offer all the necessary for your cats.

In a pet shop, many dog breeds are present … which leaves you spoiled for choice.


It is common for pet stores to use livestock tariffs without being able to justify them.

Unscrupulous, some pet shops import dogs from abroad or crooked French farms. We do not know the origins of animals and they can be weaned too early or carry disease.

It is hardly possible to see the parents of the animal and to have access to information on the breeding of origin.

Puppies can stay several weeks in the windows of the pet shops: they are alone or with several, they live in little space and have little contact with the human being, which does not favor their socialization and their well-being. be.