Three Tips for Looking Out for Your Pet This Christmas

Pets Excercise

Christmas time is a time for giving, loving and all-around merriness. A season associated with food, gifts and spending quality time with your family. And this includes your pets.

However, there are a different set of rules for you and your four-legged friends at Christmas time, and they may require a little extra TLC during the festivities.

Therefore, to avoid any unfortunate accidents or any form of interruption to the good mood this Christmas, here are three ways to look out for your cuddly companion over the holidays.


While Christmas is an incredibly busy time filled with decorating, gift-wrapping and of course, food preparation, it is important to remember that your pets will still need exercise.

It may be easy to put off going out for a walk when you are cozy and warm in front of the TV after Christmas dinner. However, pets require regular exercise during the festive days to stay fit and healthy.

Pets Excercise

Cat owners should ensure their feline friend gets exercise by letting them out of the house, even during winter. This will prevent them from growing agitated and developing behavioral problems due to being trapped indoors all day.

Dog’s too need their regular exercise routine to be maintained over Christmas and need walking daily to reduce the chances of them becoming overly excited throughout the day. This will also prevent unnecessary weight gain over the holiday season.


Whether it be decorations, chocolates or wrapping paper, over the festive season there are a lot of Christmas-related hazards that could potentially harm your pet.

Pets Supervision

While pets should never be left alone around human food or breakable objects, keeping an eye on your cat or dog at Christmas time is especially important. This will help to make sure nothing is accidentally ingested or chewed, helping you enjoy your holidays without disaster.

It is worth looking at pet insurance quotes if you aren’t already covered, just in case any mishaps do occur, you will be protected from costly vet bills.


Since this holiday is a time to show your loved ones how much you care for them, your pet should not be left out.

Your furry friend may feel lonely or neglected if there are lots of family members around, taking up lots of your attention. To avoid this, make sure that you are devoting some of your affection towards them.

Pets Affection

This can be as simple as encouraging them to be the same room when guests are round so that they are not left on their own for long periods of time, or giving them a pat or cuddle in between festive activities.

Different fun activities can also be incorporated into your day that will be stimulating for your pets. Examples of these are hidden and seek with treats, or purchasing them a fun tug of war treat to play with. This will ensure that they feel valued and appreciated over Christmas.

Following these guidelines should ensure that your pets remain happy and healthy over Christmas time, and will give you peace of mind that your holidays will be enjoyable for the whole family.