Walking the dog

Keep your dog leashed

In most nature reserves you can walk with the dog, provided you are on a leash. There are also a few areas where dogs are not welcome. Leashed dogs stay on the path and are thus not a nuisance for birds and game. Other visitors can also enjoy nature in peace and quiet.

Hunting instinct

All dogs have a hunting instinct. If a dog smells ‘wild’, that instinct is stimulated and the dog wants to track down the animal he smells. Almost all animals in nature are afraid of dogs. Also for dogs that ‘do nothing’. If a dog gets too close, the animals start and flee.
Read more about dogs in the nature of Natuurmonumenten.

Dogs lose

Dogs can play and run to their heart’s content in the dog walk areas. These are areas of Natuurmonumenten where a part is arranged for stray dogs. The unloading areas for dogs are marked with signs.

Overview of dog discharge areas

See below where you can find the dog walk areas or click here to see the locations on the map . The marking points are an indication. Click on the point itself for a description of the exact area.



• Berkenheuvel: Land Area behind the campsite Midsummer, continuously in


• Fochteloerveen: Compagnonsbossen on the west side of the Mr. Lokstraat, which included a walking route (‘the boulder route’);

• Mantingerzand: Yellow walking route at Nw. Balinge (partially).

• Bergherbos: A hondeloslooproute runs from P Wortelweg. At Zonderbos / de Zandbult, located from the P-place of the Penske up and then to the left (between Peeskesweg and Arnhemseweg) there is a dog discharge area;

• Veluwezoom: On this page, you will find a map with the dog discharge areas in the municipality of Rheden;

• Wolfheze: Between the east side of the village Wolfheze, highway A50 and the crossing railway with A50 you do not have to line up the dog, provided you have it under control.

• Voorsterbos : Western part of the playground and recreation area De Voorst.

• Kardinge: Subject to the appeal of the boss, except in the grazing areas and in the Beijummerbos Oost.

• Brunssummerheide: the Designated area near the entrance of the visitor center De Heksenberg, near the Steenberg Heidserpark, except around the fish pond;

• Iron forest: Heerenstraatje

• Sint-Pietersberg: On top of the plateau of St. Pietersberg is a few hectares of fenced-off area (herb-rich grassland) where the dogs can walk unbroken;

• Limbrichterbos: Only on the (closed) agricultural roads.

North Brabant

• Loonse & Drunense Duinen : North side: marked by square poles with a red head with a dog plate, meant for local people; departure points from the IJsbaan and café de Roestelberg. South side: from parking rest. Bosch & Duin;

• Oosterheide : Along separation ditch and grid;

• Oosterheide : It concerns the green strip on both sides of the Burgemeester Materlaan, just outside the Oosterheide estate. In the nature reserve itself, the dogs are welcome provided they are kept on a leash due to nature values. The loosening can be excellent between city and nature on the unloading strip.

North Holland

• Corversbos: De Corverslaan and the area around Comenius College;

• Nijenburg: Section;

• Dune and Kruidberg: Herendeen, surrounding parking;

• Laegieskamp: Northern part, accessible from parking at the end of the Meerweg (Bussum).


• Cape Forests: North-West section, near Helena Hill (15 ha.);

• At Hees : The first part of the Turfway and the Bredelaan along the Wieksloterweg next to the bike path.

• Note: In the breeding season between 1 March and 15 July an extra piece will be closed in the unloading area for the coastal breeding birds. Declared by signing

• The Annabos, Voorne: The Annabos is divided into two parts. In one part, the dogs must remain on a leash. In the second part, the dogs on the hiking trails can run free throughout the year. The unloading part is adjacent to the Schapegorsedijk in Rockanje. Declared by signage;

• Voornes Duin: Schapegorsduinpad.Ingang opposite restaurant de Houten Paardjes located on the Rondeweiweg. Here the dogs on the main path can run free all year. Indicate by signage;

• De Enden: The dogs are allowed here on the hiking trails throughout the year. Declared by signing. Bunkerbos and Bosje Ouddorp located on the Hofdijkseweg in Ouddorp. The dogs are allowed here on the hiking trails throughout the year. Declared by signing.


• Soap dunes: A runaway area borders the Moolweg in Burgh-Haamstede at the whale bunker. Declared by signing