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Tips to prevent the loss of your pet

 Place nameplate necklace, phone. Both dog and cat. Even for those who do not leave home, no one knows when it may cause an accident and ends up lost our beloved companion.

The collar distinguishes it from an animal that lives in the streets and calls attention to who wants it back.

• Never put the animal’s name or home. If your pet calls it by name it creates more confusion.

• Do not let loose alone in the street, even with collar and plate, you can still get lost, or stolen, or hit and raised by a motorist who rammed. Thus losing any possible trace.

• Use belt it out for a walk. People trust ¬ a dog that will follow and will meet with when you call, but do not know the reaction that will be before an unexpected situation, such as an attack by another dog or person, a car accident or something to call you wide attention.

• Check all openings before you leave home and leave him alone.

• When you receive people at home, check that the door is open, at least inadvertently, can be tragic.

• Remember that people who lost their pet never thought could happen to them. Use caution.

In Case of Loss:

• Tell your contacts between the loss of the animal. And ask them to communicate this to their acquaintances.

• Make posters with recent photos and special features, date of disappearance and contact numbers. Never place names or addresses.

Photos must be clear, whether you have collar. If this gelding. And any other information that sets you apart.

• Paste the posters in busy places, plazas, schools, avenues, Veterinary and surrounding area. A stray dog ??walks a lot more than anyone can imagine.

• Visit Zoonoses Center and Refuge Area. Stop signs in these places and talk about animals that are housed there.

• Hang posters in schools and shops near them. Boys are more observant.

• Publish the loss of neighborhood pet magazines.

• Immediately publish in Internet p. stray dogs.

There are many Web sites dedicated to posting lost and found animals. Currently, the possibilities of the reunion over the Internet are great.

• Although it seems impossible THE GREAT MAJORITY OF ANIMALS ARE LOST ZOONOSIS Centers or Shelters.

• Notify your search on the Veterinary animal and find out about the animals being attended to urgently.

• Publish the loss in popular newspapers, currently, the most important national newspapers have a section dedicated to this type of advertising. Whose publication is free.

• A month ago putting up posters again and repeat the search. Visiting again Zoonosis Centre, Shelter, and Veterinary.

• Many pets are reunited a year of losses. Never stop looking.

The best place for it is their home. And the only way to avoid this is through prevention. Be a responsible owner.