Dental Care For Your Dog

Dogs that have clean teeth and gum are very important to their overall health.  Just like the human, dogs need teeth to chew and digest their food.  Without the proper care for their teeth, it can become decayed and your dogs will not be able to eat anything.  Even worse, they might need surgery to remove the damaged tooth, which can be very expensive.

To prevent any problems with their teeth, below are some useful tips to follow.

The most common dental problems among dogs are periodontitis and gingivitis. The cause of these diseases can be caused by various factors: food debris, cell mucus, plaque, and a mixture of bacteria. All of this results in a milky-white film on the dog’s teeth and gum.  When this combined with saliva, the film becomes tartar, which is very hard to remove.

Since dogs don’t have hands like us, they will need our assistance.  One of the easiest methods to prevent teeth problems is brushing their teeth.  The brushing would remove a lot of the bacteria in their mouth.  This should be done on a daily basis to ensure your dog will have clean teeth.

When brushing their teeth, you have the option to use toothpaste with a brush or your finger.  Brushing, either way, is effective at removing the plaque from their teeth.  If you don’t feel comfortable brushing their teeth, another option is to take them to a professional and get their teeth cleaned.  It might cost some money, but at least you know that your dog’s teeth will not have any problems.

As you are brushing their teeth, look for other signs that can cause a problem for them.  If you see a tooth that is discolored or broken, check promptly with the veterinarian.  If something like this isn’t taken care of soon, it could lead to a bigger problem and of course, more money out of your pocket.

Dental problems don’t happen only to the human, it also happens to dogs too.  The health of their teeth depends on you so be sure to take care of your dog’s teeth like it was your own.  This way you will never have to worry about your dog having any dental problems.

Dental care of your dog is also so healthy for you and your family. If your kid love to play with the dog it is highly recommended to take care of the oral health of your dog.

Other than brushing you must follow the tips

  1. Feed your dog best oral hygiene diet. Ask the veteran about oral hygiene diet.
  2. Practice chew treats trick to maintain the healthy teeth of your dog.
  3. Dry food is far better than soft food. soft food stick to the teeth and cause a harm to the teeth
  4. Don’t make a mistake to use human toothpaste for your dog. Do you use the dog’s toothpaste? Why you force your paste on them then?  human and dog hygiene is different.
  5. Observe your dog’s breath, Teeth color, teeth decay and consult the veteran if you feel something unusual.