Maintaining a Healthy Weight For Your Dog

Like humans, dogs can be overweight too. Having an overweight dog can lead to a severe health problem in the future. Excessive eating is usually the culprit for obesity in dogs. For this reason, maintaining a healthy weight will ensure that your dog is healthy and less prone to health problems.
Dogs that are overweight can start to develop certain diseases. These diseases will lead to more severe problems and can even include death. Obesity in dogs is something that should be taken seriously. Below are some of the consequences of obesity in dogs:

Skin Problem

A dog that is overweight can have skin problems. This is caused by excessive fat deposits being stored in their skin. When this happens, you will find it hard to groom your dog. If the dog doesn’t get the proper grooming that it needs, there will be an accumulation of bacteria, dirt, and other elements on the skin which can harm your dog’s skin. This will result in rashes being developed, skin ruptures, and infections.


Dogs that are overweight will have extra body mass. This will result in putting extra weight on their bones. The joints and other parts of the dog’s bones will start to develop arthritis.

This excessive weight in dogs will cause other muscle and joint problems as well. The bones and joints will be able to hold the extra weight, but eventually, the extra weight will put too much pressure that the bones and joints will begin to crack. Other problems from excessive loads can be spinal disc disease and hip dyspepsia.

Feed them a well-balanced diet and at certain times of the day only. Allowing food to be available at all time will cause them to eat more than what they need. Also, refrain yourself from giving them table scraps and excessive dog treats. When your dog is allowed to eat a well-balanced diet, you shouldn’t worry about your dog being overweight.

Dental Care For Your Dog

Dogs that have clean teeth and gum are essential to their overall health.  Just like a human, dogs need teeth to chew and digest their food.  Without the proper care for their teeth, it can become decayed, and your dogs will not be able to eat anything.  Even worse, they might need surgery to remove the damaged tooth, which can be very expensive.

To prevent any problems with their teeth, below are some useful tips to follow.
The most common dental problems among dogs are periodontitis and gingivitis. The cause of these diseases can be caused by various factors: food debris, cell mucus, plaque, and a mixture of bacteria. All of this results in a milky-white film on the dog’s teeth and gum.  When this combined with saliva, the film becomes tartar, which is very hard to remove.
Since dogs don’t have hands like us, they will need our assistance.  One of the most natural methods to prevent teeth problems is brushing their teeth.  The brushing would remove a lot of the bacteria in their mouth.  This should be done on a daily basis to ensure your dog will have clean teeth.
When brushing their teeth, you have the option to use toothpaste with a brush or your finger.  Brushing, either way, is effective at removing the plaque from their teeth.  If you don’t feel comfortable brushing their teeth, another option is to take them to a professional and get their teeth cleaned.  It might cost some money, but at least you know that your dog’s teeth will not have any problems.
As you are brushing their teeth, look for other signs that can cause a problem for them.  If you see a tooth that is discolored or broken, check promptly with the veterinarian.  If something like this isn’t taken care of soon, it could lead to a bigger problem and of course, more money out of your pocket.
Dental problems don’t happen only to a human; it also happens to dogs too.  The health of their teeth depends on you so be sure to take care of your dog’s teeth like it was your own.  This way you will never have to worry about your dog having any dental problems.