Allergies In Dogs – Indications And Cures

What is the first thing most doctors advocate for treatment of dog allergies?  The unthinkable-they need you to surrender your best friend.  Anyone with a pet can understand just how devastating this should be.  Many of us love their dog or cat more than virtually anybody else.  I know I would never consider giving up my fur baby, and I suffer from horrible allergies.  There are many other dog allergy cures you can try so that you never have to consider giving up your beloved pet.

Dog Allergy Symptoms

When people have allergies to their dog or cat, it is their immunity mechanism overreacting to pet dander, spit or urine.  When the body has contact with one of these allergens, it overreacts causing an immunity mechanism reply which triggers many undesired symptoms.  Dog allergy symptoms can include red or itchy eyes, puffing, coughing, shortness of breath, stuffy nose, posts nasal drip or a skin rash.  The seriousness of the symptoms will depend upon the seriousness of your body’s reaction.

Remedies for Dog Allergies

The best way to treat a dog or cat allergy-aside from giving up your pet is to implement changes in your house environment.  Your doctor or allergy consultant may suggest keeping your cat or dog outside as an alternative to giving them up.

Another choice would be to keep your dog or cat in one room or area of the house.  These still would possibly not be options you would like to consider.  Other changes you could make would include installing an air filtering device in your house to try to catch as many airborne particles as practicable.  You may be bound to frequently wash your dog’s bed or a favorite blanket.  Try to clean up as much dog hair as practical.  Fundamentally, the natural allergy treatment is to clean much more often.  Better yet, have a relation who does not suffer from dog allergies clean the area for you, as it might churn up any settled dander or allergens which would irritate your allergies.

Allergy medications are another option to having to hand over your Pet.  Allergy OTC ( over the counter ) options include antihistamines, and decongestants, eye drops, Claritin and nose sprays.  The majority of these medications provide symptomatic the allergy therapy.  Allergy shots are the sole allergy cure option that tries to reduce allergies over the long term.  Allergy shots try to build your body’s toleration to allergens, making your immune reaction far smaller in the future.