How To Let Your Dog Interact With Other Dogs

Is a guest dog coming to your home? If you already have a dog in your home and a new guest dog is coming to your home for a few days, it is really important for you to train your dog so that your dog could treat the guest dog in a friendly manner. Though there are many dogs who feel comfortable in sharing the same home with a guest dog, you still need to make sure that your dog behaves well in the front of the guest dog. Providing right training and following some tips would surely help both of the dogs to make a friendly relationship with each other. If you are located in Gurgaon, you can also take help of Dog Kennel in Gurgaon that is known for training the dogs.

Here are some of the tips that would help your dog to interact with the new or guest dog:

Let them Sniff:

It’s perfectly fine if the dogs sniff each other while meeting. There are many dogs who would like to sniff another dog when meeting for the first time, but there are also some that may take time. Don’t panic or push your dogs. Let them do whatever they feel like doing.

Let them meet each other in a Neutral Place:

Rather than letting them meet each other in front of many people, it is really good if you introduce your dogs in a neutral place. If the dogs want to smell each other, let them do that. Make sure to take them both for a short walk with each person handling their respective dogs.

Inviting Guest Dog to the House:

Once you get to know that the dogs have sniffed each other and both of them are relaxed and feeling comfortable with each other, invite the guest dog to your place. As soon as the new dog enters your home, the dog would sniff each and every corner of your home. Let the guest dog sniff every corner and ensure to remove food and bones to get him away from possessiveness.

Notice their body Language:

Make sure to keep an eye on the behavior of the dogs when they meet and sniff each other. If both of the dogs are found relaxed having relaxed mouths, loose body movements, and playing bows, such signs are considered as good signs that dogs like each other. If either of those dogs starts licking their lips, growls, yawns or resists going close to the other dog, keep walking together until both of the dogs feel relaxed.
Many of us force our dogs to meet the new dog but do remember forcing a dog can create problems for you.

Making a decision about whether the guest dog should stay at your place or not:

Since you are the host, you need to ensure if your dog is comfortable with the new guest dog or not. If you find your dog quite comfortable with the new guest dog in your home, you can take a final decision of keeping the guest dog in your home for a few days.
If you are the one who is planning to go out of town for a few days and planning to leave your dog to your friend’s place but you are confused whether it will be a right decision or not, you can look for the best dog creche in Gurgaon that takes care of the dogs in a right manner.